Mitch Henderson, Founder & Black Belt Consultant


  • I grew up in a Navy family and followed my father to the Naval Academy where I graduated in the top 100. Then as a Naval Officer I served on the most highly awarded submarine on the east coast. Here and at the Naval Academy I learned the importance of teamwork to meet organizational objectives. This experience together with my Sigma Black Belt credentials can help your organization overcome the obstacles to meeting your objectives.
  • In addition, I have experience in real estate investments, R&D consulting, teaching, a small family-owned business, and system-redesign and quality management work. So my 40+ year career spans the military, private industry, health care and education.
  • My primary goal now is to help others solve their tough business problems as a listener and resource with a bag of problem-solving tools. My joy comes from seeing all levels of an organization clicking together in unity. 

My Mentoring Job


  • Thus, my primary goal is to help you and your team define your problem(s) in a disciplined way so projects can be spun off to tackle the right tasks, not spin wheels of frustration. We can do this by using a Lean technique called DMAIC together with a sprinkling of MBA concepts and a strengthening of management/worker improvement processes..



  • Your problem may require special skills or more people. With over 40 projects under my belt, I know that each project is unique and often needs a blend of talents. 
  • I believe in collaboration and have extensive contacts in New England through ASQ, the Veterans Administration, Polaris, and other networks. Getting the right team on board for you is what it is all about! 




  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation generation
  • System Redesign
  • Cost Reduction
  • Metrics & Trending
  • Analysis
  • Data and Statistics

Work Force Development


  • Mentoring People Interactions
  • Huddle Boards
  • Gemba Walks
  • Training System Development
  • Education
  • Facilitation

Special Needs


  • Performance Management
  • Forecasting
  • Software Usability
  • Facility Management
  • Construction Life Safety
  • Joint Commission Compliance
  • Sustainment
  • Spreading Innovations

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